VHF Marine Radio Course

Let’s clarify the VHF Marine Radio Story.

Did you know it is *illegal to operate a VHF Marine Radio WITHOUT a “Certificate of Proficiency” (licence)

*Except in emergency situations it is a legal requirement that you have a VHF licence if you intend to use your radio (for non emergency regular use).

There are two VHF Marine Radio Courses

  1. Australian Waters Qualification (AWQ) – Designed specifically for recreational powerboat and sailing boat operators in Australian Waters. Ideal for inland and enclosed waters and allows you to operate up to 12nM from the shore on coastal waters.
    $195 pp
  2. International Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP) VHF course – Can be used on all waterways and is required when operating beyond 12nM from coastal shorelines and can be used for overseas hire of some charter boats and some commercial uses.
    $295 pp
  • Both are “hands on” with a room full of radios
  • Both cover not only the legal requirements,  but also the day to day operation,  –  who do I call?  –  How do I call,  –  is my radio working properly , – etc

Both courses are approx 3.5hours in duration and are conducted at the same time. 

The classroom session involves a visual presentation, practical examples, and practical use of the VHF radio before a knowledge based test and a practical “hands on” test. (Actually operating  VHF marine radios)


The AWQ has been prepared by the Australian Media Communications Authority to suit recreational boat operators. This qualification incorporates MARCO59: Transmit and receive information by marine VHF radio within Australian Territorial Waters. Nationally accredited, a Statement of Attainment will be supplied on successfully passing.

The International SROCP qualification is overseen by Australian Maritime College  in Launceston Tasmania. Your completed online test and all post course administration is administered by AMC, who then mail you the certificate about 10 days after the course.

After booking and paying, you will receive a confirmation email with details you are required to complete to finalise your registration.