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Online Marine License Course

How our Online Marine license course works ?

There are 2 Parts :-

  1. Videos / Presentation / Practice questions   —   for you to do at home on your computer.
  2. Online test on ZOOM at home on your computer / laptop / ipad

BUT  —   you need to book into number 2 first   —   book your test time first to get access to the videos etc

1. Select a licence “test” date and time. (down the bottom of this page)

This is the actual 1  1/2 hour  actual test on Zoom. You chose an “online license test date” in advance,  a couple of days or a week or so away,  to give you time to spend 2 – 3 hours going through the online videos, presentations and practice tests. Whenever you like at home.

2. Book and pay by card or paypal

To  secure that date & time,  you should BOOK & PAY.       Once you have paid online, you will receive an email with a link and password to your home learning  — vidoes ,  presentations, practice questions etc.

3. Do the online learning 

This is the easy part.   At your leasure, at home,  go through the videos and presentations,  which make learning all the boring rules and regulations  so , so easy.

Test your knowledge at home by trying some practice test questions etc,  takes about 2 – 3 hrs any time at your leisure.

4. Join the ZOOM test on the test date you have booked in for.

The day of  your booked license test date, you will receive

  • a text reminder,
  • an email with the ZOOM invitation link,
  • about an hour before the session, we call you on your mobile and help you connect, and check your Identification.

Online Marine Boat &/or PWC JetSki Licence    

Our home learning is just  about  3 hours online learning at your leisure and a 1 1/2 hour online ZOOM test.

After you have passed the test a  TSV Certificate is emailed out as a pdf file  AND  also  mailed to you the next day, take it to VicRoads, pay your 5 year fee   (about $200 for adults and$89 for young ones) and you have a Marine licence.

PLEASE  NOTE : You will need access to a laptop (or computer with a camera) and a mobile phone.    One computer and one room per person.

Have your  “ID ”   ready  — drivers licence    or 100 points  (passport OR  birth cert  PLUS  medicare of school ID )

As soon as you have PAID online with your Card or Paypal when you make the booking for the online test   you will IMMEDIATELY get access to the learning material.

The course cost for the Combined Boat / JetSki Licence course   $130

PWC endorsement only (you must already have a boat licence)  $90

 Note : Please choose a booking date a week or so away to give yourself time to do the online learning in preparation for the test

What happens at our course:

It’s so easy –

  • The learning and test will be on your computer, so you need to have access to a computer with a camera  and have some very basic computer skills   OR you can someone in your house help you set up etc and get you started at the test.
  • We will assist you in downloading the free “ZOOM” online program prior to the test.
  • Below is a list of available dates and course times when you can sit for the online tests.
  • Choose one that is a couple of days, a week or 10 days away —-   allowing you sufficient time to do the 3 online learning modules, (videos and handbook and sample practice questions).
  • You will be given access to these modules at the time of booking and making payment. You should allow at least 2 – 3 hours to do this learning.
  • The test that you are booking in for below takes about 1 1/2 hrs.
  • At your booked online test that you are booking for, down below, you will have a 30 question multiple choice test — you need to 26 correct.
  • If you require the PWC endorsement, you then proceed to a 15 question multiple choice test — you need to 13 correct.
  • Once completed, your certificate will be emailed to you as pdf file   —  don’t print it  – just take your phone to  VicRoads  PLUS you will get a the original Mailed or Express Mailed to you the very next day.
  • You take our certificate to VicRoads, pay the 5 year licence fee (approx. $200) and you can go boating.
  • Remember  – our TSV  certificate  is  NOT YOUR LICENCE  — please take it to VicRoads.

Choose and pay for a test date to do your online test here