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Victorian Boat Training

Customer Reviews

XIN PAN 9/04/24

I recently finished the online course, and it greatly contributed to my success in passing the test. The course’s comprehensive coverage of regulations and rules provided me with a solid understanding, while the fantastic presentation and PowerPoint materials made studying a breeze. Its simplicity made learning effortless, resulting in my successful test outcome. Highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for Marine Boat license and JetSki endorsement test.

Anonymous 9/04/24

Course review - anon.
I just completed the online course, and I successfully past the test. I must say it's been a fantastic help in preparing for the test. The depth of understanding it provides on regulations and rules is exceptional. The presentation and PowerPoint materials are top-notch, making the content very engaging. A part from that, the course's simplicity makes it incredibly easy to learn from.

Anonymous 30/03/2024

Course review - anon.
There are many test sites available on the Internet, but I’m not sure that if you went with one of the cheaper courses, you would completely learn everything you need to know to be competent. I have had my JetSki license and boating license many years ago and so much has changed in the interim. The information given to us to learn from the test was specific and advised where the changes were implemented.

Anonymous 11/11/2023

Internal course feedback form
I knew nothing about boating whatsoever but getting 28 out of 30 on the test just proves that with patience, great support from the training company and a great course that was so user friendly and l did it.

Anonymous 11/11/2023

Internal course feedback form
Michelle created some very informative videos that made it easy to understand everything needed to stay safe on the water. She didn't make the course just about getting the license, she made it about being safe so that it is possible to have a good time out there. Truly a great course that was well laid out.

Anonymous 17/10/23

Course review - anon.
I achieved a far better understanding because it was offered online. Going in person can be challenging as I'm regional, but also, I could do a few hours per day, do practice tests, and subsequently absorb the info much better than cramming it into one evening with a test at the end.
Great format thank you.

Anonymous 26/07/2023

Course review - anon.
Guidance and responsiveness from Michelle was excellent and I will highly recommend Victoria Boat Training.
Lecture presentation was easy to follow and covered all the key topics.

Anonymous 17/07/23

Course review
The videos were excellent and well presented. The structure of the course was logical. It was a pleasant learning experience.

Anonymous 02/24/23

On water tuition. Ian Fox is an excellent trainer and answered ALL of my questions and concerns about buying/driving a boat.

Penny F 21/12/2022

My 12 year old daughter recently took the course and test and was super excited about passing and receiving her certificate. Michelle was fantastic and patient and relieved all her anxieties as she was a slightly nervous about the course. We’d highly recommend this course to anyone!!!
Thanks Michelle and Victorian Boat Training!!