How to Book our Two for One Winter Special

1) Make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions

2) Select a licence test session date from the listing below.

3) Book and Pay by credit card or PayPal.

a. To claim the special, you must supply the name and contact details of the person you nominate for the free session. These details are requested within the registration

b. You will receive an email confirming your booking with information and a link/passcode to gain access to the learning material.

c. A separate email with access to learning content will be sent to your nominated person.

There are two parts to the program:-

Part 1.  Videos / Presentation / Practice questions – for you to do at home on your computer. This needs to be completed prior to sitting the test session. Approximately 3 hours of content to work through. This content is sent to the email supplied once registration is completed.  You have full access to this content leading up to your test session and can visit it multiple times.

Part 2.  Online Test session on ZOOM on your Computer / Laptop / iPad.  Allocated time 1.5 hours and includes course wrap information and testing.


What Equipment Do I Need?

An electronic device for your learning material and a device such as a Laptop or Computer with a Camera (or an iPad with a mobile) for the testing session.

Identification required

Drivers or L licence is ideal or  100 points –  made up of a Passport OR  Birth Cert  PLUS  Medicare or school ID.

Once you have finished the test.

Please note that the certificate IS NOT digital and therefore needs to be posted to you. It can be posted normal or Express post, or you or a representative can collect it from the office pickup box located in Mt Martha at any time.  This certificate MUST be taken to VicRoads with the ID supplied at the test session and on your enrolment.

Knowing this please consider postage delivery time with regards to when you need to obtain your certificate.


Change of testing date

If you need to change the date of your test you will need to contact the office: 0413 432 264.

Testing must be completed in the months of June, July or August 2024.

The session will be on your computer, so you need to have access to a laptop or computer with a camera and some very basic computer skills. Alternatively, you can have someone in your house help you set up, etc., and get you started on the test.

If necessary, we can assist you in connecting to the Zoom invitation. The Zoom link is emailed to you before the test.

Choose a test that is a couple of days, a week, or 10 days away—this will allow you sufficient time to complete the learning modules (videos, handbook, and sample practice questions).

The session outlines how the session will progress, certification and communication,A link is provided within the Zoom session, and a password is used to unlock the test.

The test/s are multiple-choice and self-paced, with results provided upon completion.

If you record a fail, you can re-sit the test at the same session or at a later time. There is no additional cost.

The boat licence test is a 30-question multiple choice test — you need 26 or more correct to pass.

If you require the PWC endorsement, you proceed to a 15-question multiple choice test — you need 13 or more correct to pass.  You need to be 15+ to sit for the PWC endorsement. Please note at 15 you can sit and pass the test but WILL NOT be endorsed until 16 years of age.

You are required to pass the boat licence test before sitting in the PWC.

Remember  – our STV  certificate is  NOT YOUR LICENCE  — please take it to VicRoads.


Booking dates are to be in June, July or August 2024 only.

This special can only be used for the Online Marine Boat and PWC JetSki Licence Course incl Online TEST sessions.

Testing must be completed within June, July and August 2024.

To claim this special offer, simply provide the name and contact details of the Free person during registration.

The Free course is not refundable for cash.

The Free person will be forwarded learning content and information by VBT administrator, on receiving the primary registration.

The Free person testing time can be changed ONLY within the months of June, July and August.

The Free session includes: access to VBT online learning materials, online test session and certification.  It does not cover postage for certificate on completion.

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